Catan Gold not showing up in my account even after I get confirmation from Steam that it is in my wallet.

  • I am prompted to buy catan gold to buy the board (so I can finally get random games) so I go into steam, pay through paypal, receive a confirmation, however then I go back to Catan and it does not show that I have the Gold that I just bought. Please help.

  • Have you tried logging out and back in? This sometimes forces the various information to refresh. I have had this work to make missing purchases (like expansions, avatar upgrades, etc.) show up.

  • administrators


    I've checked your account and can see a purchase yesterday. If this issue hasn't been resolved, please send us a direct message here and we'll make sure to help.

  • I'm having the same issue. I have already sent a direct message, but no answer yet

  • I have the same issue! Bought 900 gold for a bundle on sale, but after the icloud payment was done my purse way empty. Cant find my gold even if i log out and in again.

  • I am having the same issue. Request you to help me asap
    Amount is debited and I did not receive any gold

  • @administrators request you to help me as soon as possible

  • Hello admin team please help

  • Same problem here. Bought 900 gold, got confirmation mail from iTunes but gold doesn’t show up in the app.

  • No reply here, not in the German forum, not on the app store, and not on the support email I send. This is unacceptable... at least let us know if you are working on the problem. Otherwise I need to use the scam option of the app store to get my money back!

    By the way, I wanted to use the gold to buy the game... so right now, I can only play one game every 12 hours because of this.

  • Still no word from any official on this... so, for people having the same problem (and I guess there are some based on the views this topic got):

    • Apply for a refund in the app store. Workred perfectly fine for me.
    • Try to buy catan coins using steam. That worked for me. Or alternatively...
    • Play the free off brand version online ( Unfortunately its only a browser version.
    • Also complain here / via mail ( or with a review in the app store. Its a no-go that they don't fix the problem and even don't give any statement.

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