i feel bamboozled buying paying version

  • I bought the pack of the ascension of the incas, Catan the Game and the duels game and its impossible to play Incas and duels online. Also, Catan the Game doesnt have real random scenarios and i think the dice is not random too.

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    Indeed Inca and Rivals are played less than the board game. You should be able to find matches during peak hours in the EU and US. If you play at other times, I suggest joining our discord to find other players and schedule matches with them directly.

    Random board layout needs to be turned on for single-player games in the game options during the game setup. It's automatically on for auto-matches.

  • @Administrator please help us all, me and @nellynosa are stuck ob rejoin Ty

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    Done, sessions cleared for both accounts mentioned, you're ready to play again.

  • @Administrator I have not been able to join a game in weeks. Can you please help me? My username is ElonBusk

  • @Seroruko I love playing Duell! You could add me to your friends list and anrange a playdate/ custom game, if you like. :smiley_cat:

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