As someone who has spent lots of money on Catan in real life...

  • I wouldn't even consider buying the online version of this game. I get the sense that the app makers have never played the game. Literally all the app makers needed to do was program in the rules, put dice and the game, and make millions off of cool pieces, among many other ways.

  • AGREE!!!!

  • Why do you think that? I'm new to the app and it's almost identical with the real life version lol.

  • @Paul-Alexander One of the biggest problems with not buying in is the dice will be against you, especially if you are playing someone who is buying the game. (also buying victories). It is all about the money, not skill. I am about finished with this online game. Wish there was another game online, maybe some day. I mostly play the AI game now with the opponents at Rookie level; not because the players are too tough at veteran or master but the computer cheats more with the dice on veteran or above.

  • @Paul-Alexander

    Hi Paul,
    Again this is entirely false.
    The feeling of the dice being against you is likely due to a victim mindset that you hold in your life.

    The algorithms are as random as they get for every player.
    The amount of effort it would take to “rig” and immense algorithm like this would not be worth it.

    You likely notice when something goes badly because you are already always looking for that. It’s likely the same in your life.

    My unsolicited advice for you and your conspiracy theories,
    Take a moment and notice the positives of a situation. Realize not everyone has the same experience as you, and try to hang onto the positive experiences.

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