Continued loading error on browser...

  • Hi Catan,

    Myself and my friend are trying to run Catan on our browsers (both FireFox and Chrome, me on a laptop, she on her Mac), but we keep getting not getting allowed into the game with the same error message:

    An error occurred running the Unity content on this page. See your browser JavaScript console for more info. The error was:
    NetworkError: A network error occurred.

    Every night when we try to play we have to spend 25-35 minutes constantly trying to reload and sometimes we aren't able to get on at all.

    Can we please ask for some guidance on how to avoid this rather frustrating loading issue.


  • yes me too. I can't load the game. so sad

  • My family and I are having the very same problem trying to play in browser. We are each trying from a variety of platforms, two are on Windows, one on Ubuntu Linux, so we're excluding the Big Sur update for Mac mentionned in the other thread [].

    If it's any help to the server administrator: Firefox 84.0 on Ubuntu seems to tell me there is a timeout (at over 5000 ms) in trying to retrieve the file WebGL.json, but the file UnityLoader.js in the preceding request arrives just fine, both coming from your .de based cdn server. It reports "CORS Missing Allow Origin." I can confirm that at the odd times when the game does load, the request for the file WebGL.json shows up as successful.

    Thank you very much for your assistance!

  • Same. This has been happening now for months. They still haven't fixed the computer either. It just stops playing after about 5 turns. This has been reported numerous times.

  • administrators


    Thanks, I'll forward this to our Devs.

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