Multiplayer ignored distance rule and did not let me place roads

  • This only occurred once. It was a random multiplayer seafarers game. The scenario was Greater Catan 3-player. After placing my settlement, my opponents' settlements were both placed immediately next to each other, ignoring the distance rule. Then, when I placed my second settlement, it would not let me place a road.

    I love the game Catan and all of its variations, but never have I had the inclination to provide feedback to any other game. This is probably the fifth post I've made about Catan Universe. The digital adaptation is so full of glitches, it often makes matches unplayable, and ruins my karma score. So many glitches. If the game makers were in charge of the matrix, cars would float in mid-air, naked people would walk behind floating clothes, and Paul Rudd would be ugly.

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