"Ghost" units in C&K and Seafarers

  • In 2 recent games there have been "ghost" units in places they shouldn't be:

    1. Move the robber, and now some players can see two robbers, and some players only see one, or none.
    2. After a knight was stolen from a player, on her screen (but not the other player's screens) all knights disappeared. Next turn all knights were visible again, but one was 2 spaces away from it's original placement, not on any roads, just floating out there in the wilderness.
    3. Player could see 2 settlements in her bank, despite having built all the allotted settlements. Other players could not see the settlements.

    We have screenshots of most of these, but can't attach them here.

    Playing Steam Catan Universe Seafarers and then C&K 4 Islands Scenario.

  • Tragic that you spent money on the game.

  • administrators


    Are you all on the latest version 2.1.1? We've fixed a visual glitch with the robber in that update.

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