Stuck on rejoin

  • Hi there, I have been stuck on rejoin since dropping from a match yesterday. This is true for my account across all platforms.

  • Hi HilFish, I've cleared your session, you should be able to play again properly.

  • Hi, I’ve also been stuck in rejoin, can you please fix it?

  • Hi @administrators my session has been stuck on rejoin. Request you to please help.

  • Same issue. Could you please clear my session too?

  • I'm stuck in rejoin loop as well.

    @administrators is there anything we can do on our end to resolve this (clear cache, etc.) or is this the best way to get it resolved?

  • I am also stuck on rejoin. Tried everything :(

  • administrators


    Currently, this is the only way to resolve this, as the faulty game is associated with your account - the problem is not related to cached data on your device. The dev team already has prepared an update (news on the release data asap) that should resolve this issue, but it's hard to pin down. It may look like quite a few players have this issue when checking the forum, but compared to the total number of games played, the issue turns up on less than 0,01% of all games played.


    I checked your account and cleared faulty game sessions where necessary. You're all ready to play again.

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