No option to download Steam or web client on Catan Universe

  • Hey Everyone,

    We were trying to setup an online group game last night with a couple of friends. When going to the Catan Universe English homepage, every player except one got an option to choose between four clients to download. Android, iOS, Browser and Steam. However, one player only got two options, Android and iOS. Both Browser and Steam options were missing for this player. They were visiting the same homepage on a Windows 10 laptop. Any ideas as to why and needs to be done in order to get the missing two options?


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    What browser were they using? You can reach the browser game windows directly via and for Steam you can simply enter "CatanUniverse" in the Steam search to find the client download or use this link:

  • Thanks for the direct link. They were using Chrome Browser which I tried as well and it was fine at my end. We couldn't really figure out how our two systems are different...

    Anyway, we will try the direct link next time.

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