Here's what i've learned after 52 games, 26 wins. Plat rank 1100

    1. The title "Platinum" is entirely to make ppl feel good. I've ranked up 70,000 spots and am still plat.
    2. As you rank up to Platinum there are higher chances for 7s in the first 3 rolls than before. This can be easily confirmed by making a new account and playing a few games.
    3. If you have a large lead there is also an extremely high chance for 7s to be rolled on you. This is to prevent ppl from feeling bad for losing.
    4. On the free map, if you have first placement, always go for the 6/5/10 spot with a road building toward the 3 for 1 port on the 8/10, the second placement has to be 8/4 (sheep brick). This strategy wins roughly 70% of my wins.
      5.Just played a "Grandmaster" and "Diamond," incredibly favored rolls toward the GM, and no - he wasn't that good. My 6 came up 4 times entire game (over 30 rolls) and he rolled 90% of the 7s. Sounds like an exaggeration, its not.
    5. It's very likely that the app makers, as other games, play a bit with the ranking and probabilities to slowly teeter you up the ranks. This is to drive engagement. I literally came to this game from League of Legends to get away from those really really cheesy, bad, damning tactics. It's clear the app makers have no intentions of making the game better. Back to!
    6. Best of luck! (seriously those starting points i mentioned though, they WILL win you games.)

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