Query about the cost of Catan gold in Chinese Steam server

  • Hi, I recently bought a physical Catan board game, and I really enjoy it even I spent a lot of time on my phone and Steam. However, I found out there is a price error on the Chinese Steam server when I trying to buy the Catan gold using my balance on Steam. It is ten times the cost compared to the mobile platform. Could you please have a look and change it back? @Developers @KOSMOS @Moderators @administrators Thank you very much!

    You can check the following screenshot to see the incredible price for 3000 Catan Gold(¥1780=US$272).


  • administrators


    Thanks for letting us know! I've forwarded this to the team right away. I guess due to Steam requiring us to enter all prices in the smallest fraction of each currency, there was likely an error processing the values, resulting in a wrongly set marker.

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