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    I played an Oceania C&K recently where the robber starting location was on a 12 wool. One player placed a city on it, and although the barbarians had not yet rolled, the robber blocked the wool and cloth from being produced. Is that an intended situation? Is it meant to make the game more challenging, because it is...

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  • Yes, that's how the robber works - it blocks production of resources for the number it is on. If it starts on a resource that number won't produce.

  • I understand how the robber works. Why does it start on a resource producing hex at the start of a game? It didn't work like that on the old website? Did Klaus change the way the game works?

  • It depends on the scenario you are playing. If there is one or more desert hexes, the robber will start on a desert hex. If there are no desert hexes revealed at the beginning (like in Oceana), the robber will start on number 12. The pirate will usually start at the edges of the board, though not completely out of the playing field. It usually is not much of an impediment to colonizing unless you are competing with another person trying to get to a location close to the pirate. Then you might get driven too close to the pirate to build a ship.

  • @LemuelB2

    Yeah, I wish I knew how to post a screenshot... the Pirate is definitely not starting at the edge of the board in the scenarios I am mentioning. In Fog Island, it starts well between the fog area and the main island by default. It definitely prevents anyone setting near if from building ships until a 7 is rolled and is moved. In C&K if the barbarians get lost at sea, you aren't able to sail.

  • @UncGamer It isn't possible to post screenshots here. And, yes, the pirate in the Fog Islands scenario does start in a rather bad spot on the right side between the main island and the fog. But it always starts there. In Treasure Islands it always starts on the left just above the bottom islands. In Oases the robber is always at the bottom left of the desert. The starting position is always the same for the scenarios. It's just one of the obstacles.

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