How is this Basic Thing not figured out on Catan universe? ELO POINTS

  • How the heck can they not have figured out to put a breakdown of the point system out? We get it Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, GM...How about the Points?? smh

    There are only two possibilities: They are completely incompetent, OR they think ppl will play their game more by not knowing.


    Here is the explanation of how ELO works the Administrators posted 4 years ago.

  • No, i mean Bronze = 900-1000, Silver = 1001-1100, Gold = .... Not how many points they are rewarding for wins based on ELO and placement.

  • administrators

    @elimrlove It divided up into percentiles of the leaderboard: Bronze 100%, Silver 85%, Gold 45% Platinum 25%, Diamond 5% Grand Master 1%

  • @Administrator The problem with that is there no way for someone to tell how much they are progressing. Having a numerical value or even a visual display of how close or far away someone is allows them to set a goal, and then grind. Even with a percentile system, it is impossible to get any valuable information from that breakdown, since no one knows how many total players, to even calculate.

    This can be easily remedied with a small sidebar that accounts the total players, then a breakdown of the elos (85/45/25/5/1) with a little icon of where the player is at. Even with new players joining, it could still account.

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