How is this Basic Thing not figured out on Catan universe? ELO POINTS

  • How the heck can they not have figured out to put a breakdown of the point system out? We get it Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, GM...How about the Points?? smh

    There are only two possibilities: They are completely incompetent, OR they think ppl will play their game more by not knowing.


    Here is the explanation of how ELO works the Administrators posted 4 years ago.

  • No, i mean Bronze = 900-1000, Silver = 1001-1100, Gold = .... Not how many points they are rewarding for wins based on ELO and placement.

  • administrators

    @elimrlove It divided up into percentiles of the leaderboard: Bronze 100%, Silver 85%, Gold 45% Platinum 25%, Diamond 5% Grand Master 1%

  • @Administrator The problem with that is there no way for someone to tell how much they are progressing. Having a numerical value or even a visual display of how close or far away someone is allows them to set a goal, and then grind. Even with a percentile system, it is impossible to get any valuable information from that breakdown, since no one knows how many total players, to even calculate.

    This can be easily remedied with a small sidebar that accounts the total players, then a breakdown of the elos (85/45/25/5/1) with a little icon of where the player is at. Even with new players joining, it could still account.

  • This sounds like a fair suggestion and could be helpful for players. Are you looking into this admin?

  • I will answer for them. No. They are not looking into it. Someone is tasked with going through the comments and they have the power to simply say, "stupid customer request" an ignore it. I bet there are a lot of stupid requests, but many are not and are simply ignored because the developers have either more fun things to add or simply just putting in their hours and getting paid.
    Clearly, they need an active product owner who is not in development to eliminate this natural bias. My guess is they are saving money by not hiring all they need, looks good on the books in the short run, but is a terrible decision when looking at the big picture.

  • The term 'elo' is misleading anyway, because they do not want the players to have fair games but instead maximize the profit. It is Catan Universe Philosophy that new players are more likely to spend money than experienced players. So they want to ensure that they have a pleasant game experience, that's why for example the dice is not random.
    A year ago when I was new and played games, I defeated others with victory points like 10 vs 2 vs 3 orthelike, which is very very unlikely. But the dice was in my favour without doubt. I started to like the game and spend a little cash on it.
    Today it is the other way around. Catan Universe categorizes me as victim now and the dices are just ridicilious.
    I just had a game and the stats look like:
    3 Players -
    75 total turns
    20 times the 7 was rolled. - 3 of them were thrown by me.

    I know you should not derive this Hypothesis by just 75 rolls. But I played hundreds of games already and just wanted to pick one simple example here.

    So all the terminology 'Bronze, Gold, Platinum, Grand Master <-- lol ' do not suit. And the term 'elo' is abused by Catan Universe anyway.

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