Unlocking multiplayer catan options question

  • This is the first time I'm using the forum...
    I bought the physical catan game before getting the online game, is there a way for me to unlock the multiplayer options without buying the game again?

  • If you want to play with more than two other people, and always have the first island scenario with the same resource and number layout, you will have to purchase the base game - which is really cheap compared to the board game - only about $5 US vs $50-$60 US.

  • I have done that, bought the base game in Catan Universe on Stream. Yet, if I start / host a custom multiplayer game, I still can't add more than two human opponents. How does this feature work exactly? How do I add the third opponent for a full four player game?

  • @fbormann I'm having the same issue and have searched the forum for the answer, but haven't come across anything . Hopefully someone will reply soon and help out!

  • If you want to play more than 3 player, all 4 people playing must own the expansion.

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