How to start the base purchased game with 4 people

  • 4 people who have all purchased Catan the Game try to start a multi-player game but we always get an error when attempting to add the 4th player. How do we get past this?

  • What does the error say? Did all four players accept the invitation and click the 'I am not ready' button so it changes to say 'I am ready'? I know, it's a bit backwards.

    Once all the players show as 'Ready' the person hosting the game has to click the 'Start game' button. If all the players are not ready, the button will be greyed out and clicking it will give a 'Cannot start game' error.

  • This player cannot be invited as the fourth player since he doesn't own Catan "The Game".

    All 4 of us have purchased the game. We can start with any 3 of us, but when the 4th is added we get the message.

  • The fourth player either didn't buy the game or the purchase hasn't registered on their account. They can try logging out and back in to see if that will register the purchase. If that doesn't work the person will need to contact or tag an @administrators here, or on the Discord server.

  • Again, any 3 of us can join, so that proves we have all bought the game and it's registered.

    If the 4 of us are A, B, C, and D:

    A, B, and C can join, but D cannot.
    A, B, and D can join, but C cannot.
    B, C, and D can join, but A cannot.

    ...and so on.

  • But can everyone host the game? If one person doesn't own the game they won't be able to host (invite others).

    I think one person who owns the game can invite one (maybe two) who don't, but won't be able to invite three players if there is one player who doesn't own it.

    If all four of you can host the game, then there's definitely something wrong and you will need to contact ir the @administrators here or on the Discord server. You should tell them the login names of all four players and which platforms (Steam, browser, Android, or Apple) everyone is using. They will (hopefully) be able to help. Keep in mind this is a German developer and they are on holiday at the moment, so it might be a while before they get back to you. I have had the quickest response by tagging the @Catan Universe moderator on the Discord server. Email in my experience is the second fastest.

  • Ok, it's resolved. Thanks for the help!!!

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