Terrible Marketing

  • Hi, the marketing information for this game is terrible. Very little detail about what is available for free vs what you get with each purchase.

    Can anyone tell me what I get for buying the base game? It's it just unlimited play and 4 player games?

    If I want to play 4 player games do we seriously all have to purchase the game? What the hell kind of rip off is that?

  • Buying the base game allows unlimited play in the first island, harbor master, and ore for wool scenarios - both single and multiplayer player modes - with random maps and up to four players. If you are trying to play with friends, then - yes - all the players must own the expansion.

    Compared to the cost of the physical board game (around $50-$60 US) for four players, $5 US each for the app is a bargain. Plus each person can play whenever they want with the app versus waiting on the availability of the one person who has the physical board game.

  • Unless you’re going to get a lot of use playing with friends don’t pay money for this. Single player highly favors the computer no matter what difficulty you choose making it thoroughly unenjoyable.

    If you and your friend all want to b pay $5 to play together that might be better but my single player experience has been real bad. (Stuff like putting the computers on a less common number, locking me out of that number in the beginning of the game, and proceeding to roll that number twice as often as any of mine. This has happened multiple times.)

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