Playing with friends

  • Please advise how to invite friends to play a game with me.

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    1. add your friends to your friend list. Click on your avatar -> friends then click on the button find friends. Search for your friends in-game name and send out invitations. Your firends will have to accepts those invitations
    2. open up a custom game (note if you want to play in something else than a 3 player match on the first island scenario in the base game, all participants will have to own the expansion they want to play); custom game can be found in the multiplayer section. so choose the expansion you want to play in, then click on custom match
    3. invite your friends to the custom game: you will find a button that says "invite friends" below your name. Click on those to open your friend list. All friends that are available for an invite are marked green
    4. after all friends accepted the invitation, they will have to click once on the button in the lower-left to change it to "i am ready". Once they have done that you can start the game.

  • We did the steps described above, but one of us had totally different map! Is it a bug or expected functionality?


  • If you want to play a 4 player game with friends, does everyone need to own the game, or just the host?

  • @__showstopper Every player needs what he/she wants to play. ;)

  • I haven't button find friends. How it's possibile?

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