Is it too much to ask...

  • ...that the board be randomized? While I appreciate the recent update, your priorities are really wrong. You are now displaying the stats and the avatars don't nose pick any more...whoop-di-do. These were your highest priority items? REALLY? By the way, the resources traded stat shows zero always and the stats screen doesn alwasy come up so you only partially fixed it. Other bugs experienced:

    • I could not rob from another player - 8 wool square in the non-randomized board.
    • Longest road undercounts when it goes in a circle (old bug but it should be a high priority)

    Since you have trouble establishing priorities, here is a guide:

    Highest priority - bugs that impact the game score, game play (includes randomization)
    Next highest - Game speed/efficiency and interface enhancements
    Lowest priority - visualizations

    From the volume of fixes put in recently, it would appear you have only 1 or 2 developers on this. For God's sake, lets get a full crew hammering away. From the initial design and the way you are handling the changes, You appear like a junior company that has no clue.

    Finally, please lay out the roadmap for improvements. Key changes targeted and which release they will go in. The release dates should be published with draft release notes - thats what big boy companies do.

  • It would also be helpful for you to publish how many unique bug tickest you have logged with regular updates to demonstrate you are tracking and making progress. Again, this is how real SW companies handle such a problem.

  • So, I've been posting my feedback on several topics (repeating much of it) just to make sure it's seen and in case you're tracking how many people share certain concerns. I do think Bigshotttt's suggestion of a feedback tracking tool might be helpful for you and those of us that want to help you improve the game. If he's right and you're limited on human bandwidth at the moment, you might even consider creating a voluntary survey where users could rank their top 5 or so concerns for you. Could help prioritize your resources.

    As far as Bigshottt's tone above, I guess I want to apologize on behalf of those like me who no nothing about the tremendous abount of time, resources, and skill required to pull something like this off. I know that there's no money coming in right now, so I'm sure it's a "labor of love" at this point. I have no programming experience at all, so this is all complete magic to me. Hopefully the suggestions are helpful, even if the language isn't.

    Keep up the great work!

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