Can’t play development cards once purchased

  • So I have got this problem when I buy a d-card. After purchasing a card the next turn I have the d-card menu opens and closes so quickly that I don’t have a chance to select the ‘play development card’ option. It is driving me crazy and causing me to lose games, cards etc. I am on the iPhone app.

  • Have you tried dragging the card to the middle of the screen? If the card is playable it should have a green outline. Select and drag the card to play it.

  • @LemuelB2 thanks for that. Where are they located on the screen? Beside my roads and buildings? Never thought of that. I assumed they are accessed via a menu... will give it a try

  • When you buy a development card you should see it appear at the bottom of your screen near the right side of the resource counter. In the phone and tablet apps they are a bit smaller and difficult to see than on the Steam version.

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