game wont end when i win by development card on my turn

  • it is my turn, i buy a development card, it is a victory point which gives me 10 points for the win. the card wont play and a flashing arrow on my character but game wont end or progress. why?

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    @Shadow999999999 Is it possible you played a scenario that needs 11 VPs to win?

  • no, it was a 10 point game and even if that was the case. my only option was to move the victory card around the screen and see an arrow flashing on my avatar!
    no ability to end my turn.

    second time this has happened!

  • just happened again for an 11 point game! if i buy a victory point card and it would make me win, i get an arrow on my avatar, but can't play the card, end the game or do anything except move the card around the screen and see a flashing arrow on my avatar

  • This happened to me too. I had a VP Development Card and I had 9 points. I waited 3 turns and I still couldn't place it. Yes, it was to 10 VP. I'm kinda upset because it was a really close match which I would've won if it weren't for this bug/glitch.

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