Dice ALWAYS rolls a 3 after switching that number with the Inventor

  • Has anyone else observed that predictable behavior?

    How about the one where the system needs to screw you over when you are ahead to make sure all other players catch up?

    I have observed many other horrible behaviors of the AI running behind the game, yet I'm addicted to this game and can't stop playing. Some days I'm not sure if I'm trying to outsmart the code behind it or the other players.

  • Here's what I have noticed..whatever you do, never mess around with the ore numbers. Once you play inventor on the ore, the new ore number may become suddenly very powerful. I think the die are calibrated to roll adequate amount of ore for the game to progress. If you have played Ore for Wool map on the base game, you would have noticed that 11 rolls more than it should because that's the only good ore apart from 12 and 2 on that game

  • Here are some things I noticed about this game:

    If you get a victory point in the beginning with your first development card, the game will screw you over early game due to seeing you having 3 points vs the other players having 2. I've had a double settlement board with 5/9/6(&8) with a 4/10 and after getting a development card none of them rolled after getting a victory point for 9 turns until someone got 3 victory points. How could a 2 and a 12 roll 5 times?

    Also statistically 7 is the most common # that should be rolled so I have no problem with 7's being rolled, it's just how OFTEN after blocking a # that next # regardless of the statistical odds of that # being rolled ITS THAT #, absolutely ridiculous

  • Since they made several updates the Catan app game turned in a trash. I can't accept why i payed to played this trash. I played a game with no 8 rolled (i got print from this tragic game). I just unnistal app gem rigth now cause a i can't spend my time with this bullshit game who dont have dice logical based in a real world. I'm soo angry with this app game, i can't think i payed in dollar this trash, is very expensive to me using my local cash (BRL)

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