Playing with Multi Players

  • The information regarding the specifics of how to play with multiple people and the specifics regarding who has to own what version seems to be a bit scarce.

    I would like to know if i am attempting to play with more than 3 people what specifically are the requirements as far as who has to own what.

    i was of the understanding that you could use a sun to open up an expansion pack for a limited amount of time and that you could in fact play with 3 other friends. Tried that the other night and it said "the player does not have the expansion pack, or something to that effect?

    So, please what is specifically required for 4 friends to play this game online. What does each person need? If you want to play an expansion pack, does everyone need to own it or can one person own it?

    I think these are pretty basic questions but I have yet to find a good detailed description of exactly who this process works.

  • All 4 players must own the expansion you want to play. Suns only unlock single player mode for an expansion you don't own.

    It is possible to play 3 player in the base game without purchase with the "Free Match" option, but it will always be the same map - it won't change the resource layout or number arrangements. The "Free Match" option also doesn't pair you up with friends, but with random people.

    I think I read somewhere that you can have a custom match in the base game for 3 players without everyone purchasing it, but I am not sure on that.

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