Password Reset Function Broken?

  • The password reset function appears broken. If you navigate to profile --> edit --> change password, the current password is greyed out in Chrome and Edge, but is required to change your password. Can this be fixed?

  • Same problem here.

    Is there possibly another way to change it?

  • I am trying the same thing and after 8 months it appears that no one has addressed this or fixed. I can't change my password. Also, tried to change my email and it doesn't take the new email acts like it did but doesn't actually change it. Has anyone had any success with this?

  • Beyond absurd that this problem is still not fixed

  • the admins of this game dont give 1 single fuck about the people who play their game obviously even the people like me who have bought all the DLC to support them they cant even respond to us fuck the staff of CU they are worth less than the shit on the floor.

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