Rejoin Loop

  • @Administrator when i go to load the game it pops up a small screen that says "Catan universe - unity 2019.3.15f1_59ff3e03856d " and has a red and white exclamation point on it and then closes the program with no explanation. i have uninstalled and reinstalled twice I have also verified the integrity of the game files through steam both before and after reinstalling the program. I'm running windows 10 if that matters I'm at a loss pls help.

  • @Administrator I'm stuck in a rejoin loop. Thanks!

  • @Administrator
    Please fix the Rejoin bug on my account. Thank you!

  • hey @administrators, my username is Lemonzzz. I stucked in rejoin, and sometimes i cant rejoin after refresh, so i lost one karma star... please help, many thx

  • Hello, I am having the same problems with my friends. We had a game with an AI and it crashed. All 3 of us are now stuck at the rejoin screen. Our names are cs1410, bearbrannon, and Rdub84. Thank you!

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