iPhone app drops/rejoins on turn end

  • I've been noticing a recurring issue that occurs sporadically throughout every game I've played in the last couple of weeks. When using the iphone app, when I click the button in the bottom right to end my turn, I occassionally get booted from the game to the 'rejoin' screen. It rejoins automatically and it's still my turn (i.e. it didn't pass it to the next player). I click the 'pass turn' button once again, and again it boots me to the rejoin screen. This second time, when I rejoin, it has successfully passed my turn and the game progresses.

    I have removed the app and re-installed, and still experiencing it.

    Anyone else have this issue?

  • administrators

    @LetsSettIe The automatic rejoin is working as intended if your App is not able to verify the played actions on your device with those on the servers. This is a feature to keep games in sync.

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