Automatic multiplayer game scenarios

  • Hi there!

    I have been playing seafarers a lot recently. In fact, I bought the expansion bundle on Black Friday because I enjoy it so much.

    I have one plea, though. Please include a screen that tells you the scenario before you are automatically included in a multiplayer game, and gives you an option to decline. Alternatively, allow players to deselect the scenarios they DON'T want to play in the main menu. I do not like the Greater Catan scenario. I find it time consuming and frustrating. Sometimes I have just an hour and I don't like wasting it on a version I don't want to play. However, there is no way for me to turn down the game before I am actually in it (or if there is, I have not discovered it). Then I have to exit and leave the other players with an AI player. This is not nice at all and not how I like to engage on the site.

    I cannot be the only player who feels this way.

    I have tried custom selecting my favourite scenarios as well. It never works. I get a random scenario anyway.

    I play on another site called Board Game Arena. There, you are able to customise almost everything, from number of players to specific expansion preferences, even in the free versions. You are also given an interim screen which allows you to accept or exit the game before it starts. It may take longer to find a game the more inflexible you are with what you like, but that is on you then.

    Kind regards from a huge Catan fan!

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