Rejoining issue

  • I'm stuck in a rejoining loop, my friend has the same problem. I can't even play a single player game since it always tries to rejoin a game that crashed, and I tried all my devices. the only way I can play a game is by disconnecting from the internet

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    @danlab your issues has been resolved. it's absolutely not necessary to post 5 different posts ;)

  • The game constantly crashes I do not have time to get to the main menu, it crashes again and again

  • If it turns out to go to the main menu of the game, then I can not do anything, because it crashes again

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    Please contact our support team at and provide some more details, e.g. platform and OS version you are playing on, and we'll be happy to assist.

  • Was playing a seafarers game. It crashed and then tried to "rejoin". It froze. Now every time I try to log on, it goes back into that frozen "rejoin".

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    I've cleared the faulty game for your account, you are ready to play again.

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