Would be nice to actually play

  • Somehow the developers of this game 't seem to understand they need more server space. I need to find out who they are so I don't accidentally hire them for anything,

  • @Robert-the-Conqueror You should stay away from all the software engineers working for this project.

    It is strange that they did not remove your message. It seems that they removed my harsh post about their high school project. I have been a huge fan of this game for many years and I greatly miss the old Playcatan website and servers. I hope they can launch that website again and this website and game can disappear forever.

  • @PleaseBringOldCatan I'm also a hardcore Catan player. Very basic things these guys aren't getting. I think a TON more ppl would be willing fork up a few bucks (even double $) for a more well-developed game. The cool thing about having the board game was getting to invite your friends to play, which in turn got them hooked enough to buy their own boards and start their own little Catan circles. It's really annoying when games completely crap on their hardcore clientele.

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