Still need suns?

  • After buying the game, do you still need to wait for Suns to recharge to play Single Player games? Also after buying, are you able to play random scenarios in multiplayer mode?

  • No, you don't need any suns to play single player in the expansion you purchased. Yes, you can play randomized maps in multiplayer (with others who also own the expansion).

  • Great! Thank you Lemuel.

  • I just bought the base game but I still have to wait for suns to recharge in order to play single player games. Do you only have unlimited single player games after buying the expansion pack?

  • If you bought the base game, you should have unlimited single player mode for the base game. You will still need suns to play single player in Seafarers, Cities and Knights, etc. If you buy an expansion you will be able to play unlimited single player in that expansion.

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