Two Robbers in a 3 player Seafarers game?

  • I recently played two Seafarer games in Catan Universe. In both games there were two Robbers.
    The first game was "Oceania (3)". In this game there were two robbers and a pirate ship before game play.
    The second game was "The Oasis". In this game there was only one robber before game play, but the first time someone had to move the robber, the original robber stay in its original place and a new (second) robber appeared where the player chose to move it. In both instances, the original robber stayed on the original spot and did not move, where the other robber moved as they usually do. Is this a glitch, or are there now two robbers? We were playing with 3 human players (no AI).

  • @Developers @KOSMOS @administrators Have you seen this thread? I can confirm this is a problem. In many Multiplayer custom games, there are often 2 robbers. At least one of them, maybe both are active. In one game recently, a player settled on a resource hex where the robber was located at the start by default. When that number rolled, the robber blocked the resource. Up to that point, the 7 had not rolled. I sent a bug report in on C&K Oceania game. Please look for a report of a player named gdrive96. That was the only way I could figure to report before finding this forum.


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