Longest Road Confusion or Glitch?

  • I was playing an island scenario where I had first obtained longest road. The computer and I switched back and forth, but at some point I felt I should have taken the longest road back but I did not acquire it? I have a picture but can’t upload it? The computer won the game but not if I would have received longest road. I also had largest army but I don’t believe that to effect anything. My road was comprised of ships and roads. It stoped counting mine at 9, the computer had 12 but the game ended with me at 14 from my count.

  • The road has to be continuous and uninterrupted. If you have a stretch of four and an opponent builds a settlement in the middle - that interupts the road. Also, separate branches don't count towards the total.

    You could post the picture on a photo share account and poast the link so people could see what you had.

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