So sick of it...

  • Dear @administrators and especially @Developers,
    so you worked for two months or so on your new update, containing "myriads of bugfixes" and so on. Hey we even got such a cute little dragon! Isn't it just awesome Catan community?
    I just cant wrap my head around the fact that every single update worsens the experience and usually needs to be hotfixed just days after the rollout. Is it really so complicated to keep a game working? Honestly the last two months or so the game was working fine, at least for me. We all know about its buggy glitchy history so that really was something, I had no reason to complain. But now, after the update... things like this happen
    I had just logged off and back in again, restarted the app and started a new game. My settlement was not placed by me but it still looked like i could place another one. Moments later i got kicked.
    I honestly wouldnt mind glitches like that, nobody is perfect... but the loss of ELO is unacceptable to me in situations like these. If you implement an ELO system then you have to at least make sure it works properly, if it doesnt it is just frustrating for the players.
    Your community has been patient and understanding long enough, it is now well past time to get and keep the game working and to get rid of these glitches once and for all. You owe us!

  • I find it amazing how poorly tested their new versions are and how many new bugs they introduce!

  • Catan Admins and Dev owe you nothing. You sent them money, they received the money and, as far as they are concerned that is the end of their commitment to you. We are the great unwashed masses whose only purpose is to send them money. I'm sure they would all be very grateful if we stopped complaining about their sh*t show of a game, as it probably makes them uncomfortable.
    My advise....find another game. Almost any other game is better than Catan Universe.

  • @Weedy-the-Legend Maybe time to get our credit card companies to get us a refund? This is outright fraud to have no access to a game we have paid for - and I get zero replies when I write to the "owners"

  • I always get a response when I email or direct message the moderator on the Discord server. I will even get a response here occasionally if I tag @Developers @administrators @Moderators

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