How do you compose a friends list and invite your friends to play?

  • How do you compose a friends list and ask your friends to play?

  • You have to know your friend's user name on Catan Universe, then you can search for them and send an invitation. If they accept thet will be added to your friends list.

  • I tried this, and the system said no match found. Is there a place where you can make a friends list or do you just have to search when you start a multiplayer game?


  • @laynevanb Unfortunately, I can't post pictures here - so I will have to try to describe it. I'm describing the screens from the Steam app, but the Android and IOS apps, and the browser version should be similar.

    In the app, on the opening screen, click your avatar. In the new window, click "Friends". This will bring you to the next screen with a "Filter" box and "Friendlist" / "Blocked" headings. At the bottom there should be a button labeled "Find Friends" - click this.

    A new pop-up window should appear with "Add a Friend" at the top. Type your friend's user name (exactly as they spell it in Catan Universe) into the search box. Their name should pop up in the list below the search box. Click the name, then the box at the bottom "Send Friend Request" should become active - click it and it will send the request.

    If the person accepts, they will be added to your friend list. You can use your friend list to invite them to custom matches in Catan Universe.

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