No experience added after end of game?

  • For several games now I haven’t been earning experience points ??

  • Same here, new player, finally got brave enough to play a scenario match and after a few failed attempts I finally won one. Disappointed that my experience didn't change.

  • Same here, updated on android with the Nov 18th update and stop getting XP in standalone games.

  • I stopped getting stand alone experience on both pc & iPad. Is there a fix in the works?

  • For at least the last 2, maybe 3 weeks, I haven't gotten any added experience points, additional Games won, Level or Karma raises regardless of how many games I win. It doesn't matter if I play through the browser, or the Steam platform with my computer OR with the app on my tablet. NONE of them update ANY of my statistics when I place in 2nd or Win!
    Hope they fix this bug soon - I'd like for the games to count like they are supposed to!

  • same here, played a few games, no xp ...

  • I played 5 red suns and one yellow one without getting any experience points, is there a way this can be corrected? @administrators

  • Same problem here. Relieved to at least find a forum where others are having the same problem! I tried logging out and even deleting/reinstalling, and nothing changed.

  • The issue has been fixed with update 2.1.1

  • @Administrator thank you

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