8 Suggestions from a 15+yr Sr. UX designer

  • My beefs with the new site ...

    1. gameplay takes WAY too long. Remove egregious animations to speed up gameplay.
    2. We can not see the board while trading. Don't trade fancy UI for useful UI. The old overlays truly were a better functionality.
    3. Counter trades is an important part of the game. Bring them back.
    4. Longest road and large largest army awards do not display text.
    5. Scrolling is really difficult.
    6. In-game typing is broken -. You have to scroll to see new comments.
    7. It's difficult to understand how many cards you have. Lay owned resources out accross the bottom.
    8. My first game of seafarers Took 3 hours, no one knew how many points it Took to win , everyone quit after 16.

    That's my constructive 2 cents.

  • +1 to all of these points; I've only played the game for about 2 hours, but I've already encountered almost all of these things (the only exception being #8) and they are so annoying...

    My biggest pet peeve is the fact that the UI elements are so huge and fit so few things in it, even though I have a 1920x1200 resolution monitor.

  • love the game but I also agree with all his first 7 points..

    and then there is the point that you cant see if your friends are online or to set up a game 2 play with them in same game..?
    and if I send message there is no outbox and messages dissapear without deleting them..

  • @Builderberg I played a few games and also made a few suggestions here.

    Your welcome to add it as we seem to be saying quite a few few things that are similar.

  • Impressive that you are a Sr. UX designer at the age of 15.

  • @Builderberg @roadwolf123

    Can you tell us from witch softwarecompany your work at 15 years? as a UX designer? Or are you sollicitating for a job by catanuniverse?

  • I think that Builderberg :+1: is not the only teenager who is so talented at this age. I had 15-year-old kids in class 9 doing a three weeks practise. They were so good that even one owner of his company said to me in the end "I do not know what to say, he will soon be better than me!" This student got a job with them during his school holidays until his Abitur. Later they all studied Informatics and one of them even studied games development/design in England.

  • But in this special case (development of the new Catan univers plattform) do you not need any experience about programming or designing to realize that this new platform needs a complete redesign.

    Anyway, the most of "Builderberg points" are on the table since we saw the first screenshoots end of summer last year in PlayCatan forum. No news !

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