Login issues Nov 19 2020

  • I have been playing this game at least a couple of times a week, mostly in the single-player version. Today when I open the app, I was initially greeted by my user ID, and then presented with a login screen. I entered my email and password, but was not allowed to proceed. There was a red box around the email address. I double-checked and tried again, with no luck. And I tried a third time, also with no success. I requested a code for a password reset, followed the instructions in the email I received, and received a message confirming that my password had been updated. I tried again, with the same result. I uninstalled the app and then reinstalled it. Still no luck. What exactly do I need to do to successfully login to the game?

  • In case it makes a difference, I am playing on an Android tablet.

  • administrators

    @FireOpal best reach out to support@catanuniverse.comr if you need assistance with your login.

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