Catan in browser not loading

  • As of this evening 15 March 2021 it is finally working for me. It took about 15 minutes to crawl slowly to 100%, but having done so I not appear to be able to consistently load the program as it now starts at 90% and then appears. It something was fixed then thanks. I never did get an email from tech support.

  • @KeRa10 Not even an auto-response :ballot_box_with_check: with a ticket :ticket: that they will process your request asap while you wait :question: :astonished: They usually do that.
    I wrote to support :ambulance: on several occasions in the past and always got this auto-response, until they had time to process my request. Strange

  • I am having the same issue on several computers. On the iPad or iPhone no problem.
    I am using a Mac (Big Sur), Chrome and Firefox - does not work.
    I have 2 different PCs (windows10) using Chrome - does not work.

    Any CatanUniverse tech support out there willing to try to help?

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