Chrome Browser version does not load after update Big SUR

  • Hello,

    I played Catan on my Chrome browser on our Imac. Last week we updated the Imac to the Mac OS BIG SUR. Unfortunately the Catan game won't load since the update.

    So I can't play the game on Chrome any more. Anybody else with this problem?

    Thank you.


  • administrators

    @Roletta72 The Chrome browser on Big SUR is unfortunately not stable at all at the moment. Once Apple and Google have figured out how to run a non-Safari browsers on their shiny new OS, we will be able to run Catan Universe properly again using this setup ;)

    Sorry for the sarcasm.

    If possible you can take a look at the STEAM OSX version to play on.

  • @Administrator Hm, I get the sarcasm completely ;-)

    I will look into the STEAM OSX an hope for a quick resolution from Apple and Google (yeah, i know, it's useless).

    Thank you for your swift respons!

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