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  • Hello, playing Catan Universe on Steam, but can't seem to log in. I've tried password reset several times, but still won't let me log in after I change into my new password. Even on iphone I am locked out. Thanks for your help.

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    @Ninjha does the issue still persist?

  • Thanks Admin, this morning I was able to log in :)

  • @Administrator I haven’t been able to log in since the update. The support account answered my email when I asked for help with “you’re probably putting in the password wrong” which is 100% not a solution. Can you actually assist with my account? I’ve tried everything to log in but since the update, suddenly my account (where I’ve spent actual money) doesn’t exist.

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    @Megpet33 I already send you an answer in the other thread. We can see you played multiple games yesterday evening... so whats exactly the problem?

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