After updating to new version, not receiving XP credit for gameplay

  • Same here. Played probably a dozen single player first island games and no xp after winning or losing. I purchased the game vs. Using suns FYI. Please fix thank you!

  • Same here playing with suns.Please, solve it ASAP.

  • @Administrator I have tried Logging out from all my devices, and un- and reinstalling on one of them. I have played Seafarers, Cities & Knightes, Special Scenarios (all purchased with Gold or migrated from Catan Classic) and even used a Red Sun to play Rise of the Inka. In all cases, win or lose, at the end of the game my ranking shows up as -- and my Level Progress remains unchanged since I first opened the issue at 4875 XP. What else can I test? How can I help? Because I would really like this issue resolved. I would attach screen shots if I could figure out how. I have several.

  • Seriously is anyone out there? It’s been days...

  • @Administrator hey sorry to be a drag but it’s been a week since the update and I’ve probably gained two levels with the amount of games I’ve played while not receiving XP... what’s the fix here?

  • Same here. No xp since update. Played about 20 c&k games. Single and multi player with no xp

  • administrators

    @amyhamermesh The issue will be fixed in the upcoming update. We are currently aiming for a release on mondy.

  • @Administrator awesome thanks for the response! Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Same problem.

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