After updating to new version, not receiving XP credit for gameplay

  • Using both Steam (on a Mac) and the iOS version (on iPad) played games after updating to the latest version and received no XP for either game. Restarted app, played additional game, still no points credited.

  • administrators

    @amyhamermesh We will check that. Do you play by using suns or in expansions you unlocked using CATAN Gold?

  • I have the same problem. Winning scenarios does not give any progress xp. I am playing with suns.

  • Same issue. Have played and won several C&K single player games with no increase in XP.

    Update - I moved to the new version and now I’m receiving XP. Many thanks for the fix.

  • @Administrator I transferred my access from Catan Classic, where I had had both Cities and Knights and Seafarers. I used gold to purchase the special scenarios.

  • Same issue for me. I play single player, and no ranking shows when I complete a game since the update; when I click to view change in progress.

  • Same for me, whether I play the base game that I bought, or using suns, no XP is rewarded...

    Hey devs, if you don't know how to code a game, I know some actually talented people who could use the job! :-1: :G

  • Same here. Played several games with suns and no xp.

  • @Administrator I am playing with Sun's and I'm not receiving exp for games played. Did the recent update get rid of that?

  • Same for me, again issues with the XP! It must be a server problem. Both PC and Tablet App have the same issue.

  • @amyhamermesh

    I have had an issue when I upgraded to the new version as I had to redo my password I suddenly went from being on 17 down to 4.

    Can someone help me please?

    Glynis Trask

    Thank you.

  • Same problem, not receiving xp

  • Same here, it has been since the upgrade. Fix appreciated😊

  • Same issue here! Please advise

  • Same issue, since the upgrade i have not been awarded any XP regardless of win or lose. Is there any update on a fix yet? I'm playing via steam and also android app, with the purchased game so not using suns.

  • @Administrator hı we bought gold package but veteran or master bot player not playing never road Just dice

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