gameplay suggestion

  • So, having played the new catan universe since i was forced to, maybe a couple things you could fix first, to maybe get users somewhat happy with your product.
    1: Get the gameboard to be random. Playing the same resources in the same spots with same numbers doesn't happen when you play the board game. it's a random generation.
    2: The rolls. played a game with 60 rolls, 4 and 5 got ten rolls apiece, while 6,7 and 8 were all under 5. see if you can get the dice rolling truer please.

  • Well said Griffo1. I am hoping the random gameboard and the random rolls get fixed soon. My other GOOD suggestion is when choosing a Basic Game>> Multiplayer >>AutoMatch>> Scenarios - have a button to clear all check marks. I like to know what kind of game I'm signing up for. :relieved: Having to uncheck all 19 boxes is silly.

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