Impact of the robber

  • Hi, I would be happy if you consider my suggestions that relate to the classic game.

    Robber balance problems:

    • The robber has too much impact on the early game. The tactical setup should be in the foreground. The course of the early game is very decisive and at the same time very fragile. There exists a tactic of catapulting a player out of the game by all giving him the robber from beginning. The robber should only be rolled after the first or second round.

    • I was very surprised when I noticed that a player can get the robber multiple times in a row and even get robbed of a resource. This is unfair, as you can always switch from one position to the other. This is bad for the players frustration. If a player is ahead he has earned it, due to fair early game, as dicribed above, he should not get robbed 10 times in a row. That's distortion of competition.

    • More than seven resources are punished twice by the robber if they could not be spent due to lack of specific resources, due to bad luck or robbers. So the player cannot build anything and also loses his resources. In the early game, that's gg. A solution would be to be able to swap multiple resources 4:1 or 5:1. That would be fair. So the player still has enough opportunity to prepare for the robber.

    I don't want to deprive the game of its RNG factor. It's about unfair events that can really decide and end the game in the first few rounds for one player. We don't want them to leave the game like you see so often with low karma players.

    Other Robber suggestions:

    • Option to make a position robber immune. Maybe an Anti-Robber figure that not swaps per special card but per buy. Costs may be any 4 resources. That would finally offer an opportunity to spend dead recources in order not to get robbed of dead resources and to protect a field as long the Anti-Robber figure is not swapped.

    • Increase the competition for the longest street. Single roads could be bought off and stolen by a robber if the Player has a road connection himself to that field. That would give the robber more variety and fits in well with the robbers symbolism.

    All changes would affect the robbber. You may create a new szenario: "the guardian" or something like that :)

  • The solution is the FRIENDLY ROBBER OPTION which I keep asking... This option was available in PlayCatan and means that no one can be robbed under 3 pts. Because of the very annoying algorithm of the dice and the problems you highlighted the lack of this option is extremely bad for the game.

  • administrators

    @P3tra Catan Universe offers these options for custom games

  • @Administrator said:

    @P3tra Catan Universe offers these options for custom games

    Which means that you are forced TO PLAY WITH FRIENDS in order to use it. Why not using it with random players who also want to play this way? Why can´t we have that option next to the other three? (karma, friends, guild? ). We can choose to play randomly with 3 or 4 players, but can't choose to mach with other players who want to play with friendly robber option. At this point the option is conditioned...
    I don't use this game for chat or social media, but for playing and this means I can't use it. I would love to play with random people in a friendly way :) (for many of us it is very aggressive to start the game with constantly blocking).

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