Logged out, can no longer login.

  • My username is fajo on the Catan App. I am a frequent player and have reached level 21. This morning I played a custom multiplayer game. Once I finished the game, I closed the app. About an hour later, I opened the app again to play a CAK scenario. While I was playing the game, I was logged out. I tried logging in again but I constantly received a wrong password or email address notification. I tried the "forgot password' option, but the app reverted me directly to the login page, without giving me time to enter the code I would receive by mail to reset my password. Kindly look into the issue and fix it because I'd like to play some more soon without losing my progress.

  • Hi Fajo!
    I have exactly the same problem :/
    Hope they recover it soon :)

  • I have this problem too

  • Servers were in maintenance. The maintenance is now over. You can log in now. Please make sure to download update 2.1.0

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