Online Version of this Game Sucks!

  • I am just going to stick to the board game. It is 1000x better. With the online version, it is so annoying that I can accurately predict what the dice rolling is going to be because there are clear patterns that happen repeatedly that would not happen in a real game. There are so many comments on here begging the programmers to randomize the dice rolling, but they just won't do it. Why? The game would be sooo much better if they did.

  • @Flamadiddle I had to come on here to see if it was just me. I’ve played Catan the board game. I’m not terrible but after I was only able to win one game in my first 5 on the app, I specifically selected novice AI and it hasn’t seemed to change anything. I feel paranoid but the dice feel like they favor the computer every game. I’ve started to notice it puts both AI players on a number I don’t have in the beginning of the game then simulates them ganging up to shut me out of that number, and then gives me the statistics to prove that was the number rolled most in the game, no matter what number it is, first game I noticed it on it was 5 then the last one it was 10.

    I don’t understand, do they not realize what a turn off it is to feel like you don’t have a chance? It wouldn’t be hard to randomize the dice, it feels purposeful but I don’t get it. I’ve had this for two days and I’ve gone from loving Catan to hating. I was going to buy more expansions for the board game but not gonna lie I don’t feel like supporting this company anymore...

  • Ya I noticed there was foul play going on. Two Random Number Generators picking a number between 1 and 6 is definitely not the same as two dice being rolled. It just isn't. It's an extremely easy fix.

  • Yes, it's very bad that dices are flawed by developers. Not interest to play against the machine, at least.

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