Game won’t start

  • Just keeps searching for opponent on base game on iPhone. Has been this way all night.

  • Yes, doesn’t find any opponents

  • This post is deleted!

  • Is there someplace to at least see that they are aware or working on it?

  • @nickeut Yes I'm having same issue

  • @Jefferio I checked their Twitter account already, but they last updated October 22nd... so no news yet

  • It’s been that way for me since yesterday as well! I really enjoy being able to play with other players (especially in this pandemic..)

  • I'm unable to get the game to start since installing the last update. The loading spinner appears next to my password, but my email address field appears with a red border (it is correct though). When I try to play without logging in, the spinner appears on the button but nothing happens.

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