Unable to login

  • I’m not unable to login and play what is the point in purchasing the game ?

  • Same here. The loading spinner appears in the password field after entering my info, spins for awhile, and then the email field border turns red, even though that is correct.

    When I try to play without logging in, the loading spinner appears in that button, but nothing happens after saying I agree to the policies. This is since the latest update.

  • Same here. seems to be a server issue

  • Servers were in maintenance. The maintenance is now over. You can log in now. Please make sure to download update 2.1.0

  • @Administrator I have been unable to login since the update. I’ve tried everything. I’ve reset my password multiple times and nothing works. This app has so many issues it’s insane. Can you please explain how the update logged me out and won’t let me in?

  • administrators

    @Megpet33 All users get logged out when we perform server maintenance. In 99% of cases uses forget their password and try to reset it while e.g the maintenance is still going on or basically logging them selfs out by entering the wrong password too often. if you have problems logging in please reach out to support@catanuniverse.com I am sure my colleagues will be able to resolve any issues there and help guide you through the process.

  • @Administrator that is who I emailed and they did not provide any options other than “you’re doing it wrong”

  • administrators

    @Megpet33 I can see you joined multiple game sessions on the 19th so where exactly is the problem with your login?

  • Hello I’ve tried to log in but seems like the email is not right , but before update was the same email ..I mean how the heck is not working properly?, I did try to reset password is working but when I try to log in says “ wrong email”
    Can someone help me please ?!

  • administrators

    @Salamftw best reach out to support@catanuniverse.com regarding this issue. I am sure we can help in 99% of cases the email address turned out to be wrong after all but we will be able to determine that over at support.

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