Can't start games

  • I'm having trouble getting games started. I an invite friends of the PC players. Simply put, I can't play! This is frustrating since I only just laid out cash to buy most of the expansions. HELP!!!

  • Same for me, I can log in and set up for a game, but then it just keeps looking for players...
    Maybe server issues once again.
    @administrators @Developers @KOSMOS @Moderators

  • My husband and I just tried to both start a game and when we click on the other players name, that name disappears?!!! 🤷‍♀️

  • I have the same problem, it appeared a message: "SERVER STATUS Due to the high demand service might be impaired temporarily. We are sorry for the inconveniences."

  • @Andrea-Ugalde - I assumed it is the dear old server again, buckling in the knees every time game participation increases.
    I wish that they would fix the server issues that have been a pain from day one.
    Totally unacceptable!
    We are a gaming family. Everyone has their own games, but nobody else runs into problems as much as we have to endure on Catan.
    @administrators @Developers @KOSMOS

  • @Fortuna Agree! Totally unacceptable, we payed for a game with good service. I hope they fix it quickly and also I've waited quite long for turnaments

  • Same here. Husband and I just both bought expansions and we can’t play together

  • Same trouble here...

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