Game keeps crashing

  • I used a scroll to activate seafarers yesterday afternoon and the game has crashed on me four times this afternoon. I pass the dice, the arrow moves to the next person, the timer keeps ticking, and they don't know it is their turn to play or they cannot play. Once, I couldn't pass the dice. I have been kicked out of these games and now my 24 hours is up. I am playing on my laptop (browser). I am very frustrated. Why is this happening? The fault is not my side, because I am on a hardline fibre connection and I am not having any issues with other games or devices.

  • They keep having issues on the server side. They really need to do something about this.

  • Yes. We keep having the same issues. One guy has sworn he will never play again and someone else is very close to it

  • Thanks so much for the feedback. At least I know that it is a universal problem and not just me :)

  • @Tigerlily001 same problem since some days, realy enervating

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