I don't want to see the same, like in real life board game :(

  • I have a board game, but usually I played with my brother a quick catan game on my computer...today I see that everything changes...why? The single problem was in the old catan game, that we can't get ranking...now I see a 3d game, which is slow, same like in real life...who want to see the same game on the pc screen, like the real board geme... ??? In the board game I hate the card dealing...I liked the playcatan.com, because there I got fast the cards, and the game was funky....I think this 3d game a blind track.. - slow, require high performance, want to be same like the board game, but on pc never be same....:( So I dislike this game...I know that somebody worked a lot with....but...why? I think the Mario when was in 2d was the real Mario game...I think the same here...

  • the board should be free and non moving during the game.
    the reasons are:

    1. while others are playing we want to think about our possible moves. obvious this is not possible while dices or menus covering the board
    2. my eyes are getting irritated and bored from this zooming in and out all the time.

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