• I was disconnected from 2 games in a row 5 minutes ago.

    • Case 1: It began with a failed attempt to find a game. Another search has started at the same moment but when the next game began I got a message saying that one of the players has left the game though everyone was online. There was no timer on the placement phase and all my animations happened twice (like if I've put a settlement and a road to the same position two times). I put a settlement and a road then I finished my turn and tried to reload since I decided that it's another client-side bug. But when I tried to reload I got a notification saying that the game has ended. The same message when I tried to type anything in the chat. So I closed the tab and opened it again to clean up this mess. But I wasn't reconnected to the game in the result.
    • Case 2: I found another game and again finished my first turn on the placement phase. Everything looked fine by this moment. But then the 3rd player did not put her settlement in time and her timer has just disappeared. It looked like that good old bug with broken timers so I decided to just reload the game and guess what happened next... Yea, I've got that weird message saying that the game is over. So I've reopened the tab with the same result as before.

    In both cases, It turned out that I've lost the game which also affected my ELO and probably karma since I probably have left the game. Those shitty bugs are here since your big game update and the situation does not seem to get much better since then. Damn, I've come to the game to have some good time but now I'm just angry. Please, hire a few QA engineers. It is really worth it.

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